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Procedures for the nomination in the Management Committee (MC)– Italy

In line with the bottom up spirit of COST, scientist are supposed to contact the Italian COST Office to submit their candidature for being nominated in the MC. The procedure is the same for both Member or Substitute. Technical Actions follow the same procedure, too. The IT CNC Office developed – in cooperation with CINECA – a web platform for the submission of candidatures (, that asks for a cv and a letter from the Institute witnessing their interest in participation to the Action (“Manifestazione di interesse” - mdi). A template is available on the bottom of the web page, before entering the registration mask). The cv is built step-by-step, so to be sure to get all the necessary information. A connection to the Italian web site for researchers and professors facilitates the selection of scientific reports and papers to be submitted for the evaluation of the candidature.

The decision on the nomination is taken considering:

  1. The scientific relevance of the candidate;
  2. The presence of his/her name in the list of proposers, that witness the good trust of the Applicant in the effective participation of that specific candidate;
  3. Inclusiveness, including gender and the maximum spread across the Italian territory and variety of Institutions (Universities, National Research Council, Research Institutes).

Following the COST guidelines, the Management Committee meeting represent the interest of the country in the Action and are not standing for strictly personal purposes. Therefore, independent researchers or professionals (not appointed by any research institute) cannot be nominated in the MC, although they can participate to the Working groups, upon the approval of the MC/Chair of the Action. Whether necessary, additional substitutes can be nominated. In this case, he/she must produce a motivation letter showing how the participation of his/her institute/department can have a positive involvement of the country in the Action. Such motivation letter can be inserted in the same pdf file as the mdi, and they can be uploaded together as a unique pdf file. As pointed out on the COST web page, contacting the Chair of the Action is considered as good practice for MC candidates. Much attention is paid to the effective skills that may lead to successful participation in Working Group activities in the context of the Action.